Attention beauty junkies: Mascara just got a makeover! Avon is changing the game with their new Avon Mega Effects Mascara.

They have this killer innovative Wonderbrush that is said to be a beauty breakthrough. It's a multidimensional brush that lifts top and bottom lashes from root to tip. You can use it from a dozen angles for corner-to-corner lash transformation. Its big bristles comb through lashes easy, promising to put 40 percent more mascara on than other leading brands. Could this be your new magic mascara wand? 

The formula is a non-flaking and non-smudging volumizing mascara. Six years in the making, the brand created it after talking to more than 2,000 women and going through more than 5,000 hours of science. Wowzers.

Application is easy. Simply rock the brush side to side as you remove it from the tube to ensure the bristles are fully coated with the formula. Bend to your desired angle and apply from root to tip. When you're done, say hello to bold lashes with super volume. 

Mega Effects Mascara is said to deliver lashes that are darker, denser and more dramatic with a clump- and sweat-proof formula that can be yours for only $10 bucks.

If you're ready to turn heads with Avon's powerhouse product, tell us in the comments section below!