Angelina Jolie Net Worth 2013: Income $33 Million, Beats Out Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Highest Paid Actress In U.S


Angelina Jolie is now the highest paid actress in the U.S, with estimated earnings of $33 million in the last year, according to Forbes. Her net worth is an estimated $130 million, according to

She surpassed both Jennifer Lawrence, who made $26 million, and Kristen Stewart, who made $22 million. 

The "Twilight" star was in first place last year with $34.5 million. Dorothy Pomerantz wrote on, "With the 'Twilight' series finished, Stewart's biggest income source is drying up...She'll have to find another successful franchise if her earnings are going to shoot back up again to 'Twilight' levels."

"Hollywood hasn't shied away from Jolie. She's still one of the few actresses who can demand a paycheck north of $5 million for the right movie-like Disney's retelling of the old Sleeping Beauty story, Maleficent," wrote Pomerantz.

Jolie, 38, recently made headlines for opting to have a double-mastectomy after learning she had inherited a high risk of breast cancer.

Jennifer Aniston came in fourth place on the Forbes list, with earnings of $20 million, and Emma Stone made $16 million, after starring in "The Amazing Spider-Man." 

Additionally, it was Mila Kunis' first time making the list, with earnings of $11 million. Robert Downey Jr.  made it to the list of highest paid actors, earning an estimated $75 million. Her fiancé Brad Pitt, did not make that list.

The list was compiled by talking to agents, managers, and other in-the-know people to estimate entertainment-related revenue for each celebrity between June 2012 and June 2013.  Taxes, agent fees, and other celebrity costs were not deducted.

"Maleficient" is slated to come out next July.

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