The warm summer heat can often inspire a dramatic change to hair, so why not embrace the desire and go for a daring cut? The lack of length can be scary but we have 3 easy and classic hairstyles that you can try to keep your shorter tresses looking sassy and always in style. Click through the slideshow to check out each short and sweet option. 

For your clasic braid start by taking about an inch and a half of hair (depending on the thickness) where your natural part falls. Stylist Tracey Gustave at Sparrow Salon told Refinery 29 that dirty hair works best for this look. "If you're working with clean hair, dirty it up a bit with a gel paste like Kevin Murphy Sticky Business," the stylist suggests.The braid needs to be made tight and close to the scalp, with Gustave recommending a fishtail braid too. "An inside-out braid is perfect for short hair. It's like making a normal braid, except you cross the hair under, instead of over." 

In order to add volume to the modern-day pompadour, apply a generous amount of mousse or dampen hair. Turn on the blow dryer and immediately start pushing your hair back with your fingers, making sure to use tension. Pulling your hair up while drying, you're creating extra volume too Gustave said. Once the hair is about 90% dry, push the sides back by using a healthy does of your favorite styling gel or paste. If you are looking for more volume be sure to tease the crown so you can have a massive poof to go along with your trendy look. 

For soft and romantic curls look you will need the smallest curling iron you can find barrel wise, a half inch would be best. You don't have to be uniform with your curls. If you begin to make random curls in your head you will create a "more modern, youthful look," says the stylist. Once you are done curling all you can take some pomade and separate the curls to create a more feminine look. Part them, pin them, let them loose, the choice is yours! 

Are you going to try any of these short summer hairdos? Let us know and leave a comment below.