Poppy King Lipstick Queen Launches Velvet Rope Line: Is the Price Worth the Pout?

It looks like the Lipstick Queen, Poppy King, is expanding her portfolio of awesome lip wear and launching Velvet Rope, a five-piece lipstick line inspired by the power and glamour of 1940's movie stars.

The 40's were an epic era for women in Hollywood. "It was a time when women were an equal presence on screen, and were there to be seen as well as heard," said King.  "Each one of the female film stars in the Forties could match any man in terms of power and wit and look damn good doing it." 

The Velvet Rope line will offer an array of lip shades. From soft nudes, to high impact reds, each hue honors this special era beautifully and with clever names.  Private Party, Brat Pack, Entourage, Black Tie, and Star System, round out this glamorous set.

Launched in 2006, Poppy King's goal for her brand was to create the "lipstick of her childhood dreams." In other words, a weightless formula with high pigments that create a dramatic look instantly without the extra work. To make her lipstick fantasies a reality, King used a futuristic

silicone elastomer, which created a full color guarantee in just one swipe.

"Because of [the silicone and elastomer base], you are able to achieve full coverage in a single stroke that usually requires at least three stroke," Kin explained. The lipstick guru also included moisturizing ingredients and refreshing peppermint oil.  

Priced at $50 per shade, the Velvet Rope lipstick collection is packaged in a glamorous and weighty tube, decked out in blue velvet secondary packaging. The mission of this ultra glam line? To give the customer a sense of empowerment and luxury through beauty.

Suffering from a little sticker shock?  Fear not, you have time to save up since the Velvet Rope line isn't due out until September. When it finally hits the market it will be available at Barney's New York, Space NK, and Lipstick Queen.

Will you be puckering up for this lipstick line? Let us know in the comments below!

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