Don't you just love a great movie makeover? You know those show-stopping scenes where a girl goes from drab to fab and its life-changing? The power of a different look can bring newfound confidence and a new attitude. When the outside reflects the inside, a woman can be simply unstoppable. So we decided to countdown our Top 10 Movie Makeover Moments and see how we can snag the scene-stealing swag of these leading ladies.

At #10: Grease's Sandy goes from Picture Perfect to Pink Lady

So we all know this classic story. Olivia Newton-John plays the innocent Sandy who falls for bad boy greaser, Danny Zuko. The pair is a match made in summer heaven until school's back in session and peer pressure proves to be too much for the couple to bear. By movie's end, however, Sandy undergoes a mega transformation that's as hot a grease lightening.

From sweater sets, knee length skirts, ponytails, and saddle shoes, Sandy debuts a sassy new look complete with blonde teased hair, red lipstick, skin-tight cigarette pants, stilettos, and leather jacket. Sandy released her inner bad girl to wow everyone and steal the final scene. Never underestimate the wallflower! Here's how to snag Sandy's swag.

Sandy's Pink Ladies look is classic 1950's vamp. With the ending of a major war, the country celebrated the return of soldiers and the beauty industry reflected the mood with playful colors and dramatic styles.

Wanna be a Pink Lady? Go bold. From high arched brows, cat-eyed eyeliner, smoky eyeshadows, coats of mascara, scarlet red lips, and the very popular poodle perm, you gotta go big or go home.

Turn up the glam and focus on lips and eyes. Match your puckered rouge to a sexy set of red tips to really nail this retro look. And if you're not ready to commit to a perm, simply curl and tease hair to get the same full, voluminous effect, finishing with hair spray to set. For short hair, keep it wavy and soft with a scarf tied around your head, a la Rizzo and Frenchie style. For long hair, add waves and place in a high ponytail with a colorful ribbon.

Sandy's makeover is a classic movie moment we love. Check out this adorably cute makeup tutorial below featuring all NYX products to see how sweet can quickly turn sassy. Let us know what you think of Sandy's makeover in the comments below!  Check out what movie made the #9 spot on our movie makeover countdown here.