'We're the Millers' Star Emma Roberts Kissing Boyfriend Evan Peters After Domestic Violence Arrest? 'American Horror Story' Stars Moving Forward


After a widely-talked about arrest for domestic violence, Emma Roberts looks as if she is still very much in love with boyfriend, Evan Peters, according to the Daily Mail. 

Cameras caught the "We're the Millers" star, 22, in some public displays of affection with Peters, 26, on the set of "American Horror Story" on Friday. The couple looked lovey-dovey and were touching all over each other, reported the UK newspaper.

The Daily Mail's Jennifer Pearson wrote, "Emma and Evan were definitely feeling the Southern heat considering all the hand-holding and hugging they were doing on the New Orleans, Louisana set."

"The 22-year-old actress who has joined the show's season three alongside Evan, 26, didn't want to let him go even when it was time to eat," Pearson continued. "Emma and Evan waited in line at the craft service with hands clasped, obviously feeling the mutual attraction."

The couple strolled hand-in-hand while holding food plates and smiling ear-to-ear, the newspaper reported.

Things looked very dark for the twosome with Roberts reportedly having bitten Peters and given him a bloody nose in a very violent brawl in Montreal, Canada earlier this month. Reports had even painted Roberts as a party girl, turning into the next Lindsay Lohan

But the couple appeared to have mended fences, with Peters holding onto his girlfriend with all his might. 

Roberts had on a "beige and chrome-grey bandage mini dress," gaining much of Peters' attention.

Are the couple really recapturing their earlier love? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!         

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