HBO's Girls' creator and star, Lena Dunham chopped off her brunette locks last season during her hit show, so we were surprised to hear she'd gotten another new style so soon. We were already partial to her cute pixie cut.

Not only did Dunham change her hair, she's went and got three new lengths, three different color, and of course 3 different personalities to go with it all.

No, she didn't go the rainbow ombre route. Luckily for us, Lena was just kidding around with her Instagram followers and tried a few different wigs out for size, and accessorizing them with different characters.

Dunham uploaded a photo of her in blonde wig with the caption: "It's 2006 and this office manager is engaged (to her cousin)."

She then tried a long black wig and wrote: "It's 1984 and this club promoter (Ronnie) had to move back in with his ma."

And for the trifecta, Lena then sported a layered brunette wig, accompanied with the caption: "It's 1973 and this aspiring backup singer is looking for love in all the wrong places."

We're loving the fun wig play, but can we get some sneak peeks of Season 3 please girl?

Let us know which wig is your fave in the comments below!