Brazilian Wax: What's All the Buzz About Hair Removal? The Beauty Trend That Has Become a Routine

Once the center of controversy and awkward laughs, the Brazilian wax has become a part of the standard beauty routine.

The buzz surrounding the Brazilian wax has noticeably died and beauty gurus have began to wonder if it has become less of a buzz worthy beauty trend because women have moved on to new ways of keeping their garden trimmed.

Ramon Padilla, U.S. director of Strip Ministry of Waxing told Refinery 29 why things have changed. "I think that one of the reasons why we don't hear about Brazilian waxing as much these days is that it has become routine, a de riguer part of the beauty regimen of many women in New York City and other major cities throughout the U.S."

Sounds like the Brazilian is old beauty news. "The service itself is not as 'news-worthy' as it once was 10 years ago - although it's still considered to be the new hot thing in some cities around the world," Padilla explained.

Jessica Coba, CEO of European Wax Center agreed with Padilla and said,. "Brazilians are definitely not going out of style, they are still are one of European Wax Center's most requested services." Now lets shall we say, strip away the mystery. What exactly is a Brazilian wax?

"Everyone has a different definition of Brazilian," Coba said. "At EWC, our meaning of a Brazilian is guests can do as much or little as they want in the front, but it also includes the back area - meaning the butt strip."

It's clear the Brazilian is now a beauty staple. "Over 80% of our clients are regulars, who come religiously," Coba revealed.

"The Brazilian wax is part of their basic beauty regimen - and for many, it's not even about beauty; it's about grooming and hygiene." What is even more interesting is that the wax expert said that whether or not women get a full wax depends on the current "hair trend." Yes, there are actually trends for the hairs downstairs.

Coba said,"Most of my clients still request full Brazilians, although we are seeing more people doing 'landing strips' of various shapes and sizes. We've started to adjust the width, length, and even shape of the landing strip so that it, believe or not, looks more flattering.

"For example, a landing strip in the form of an elongated triangle (with the tip pointing downwards) can have a slimming effect. A tiny triangle can also be cute and playful."

Want to hear something even more interesting than a landing strip? How about a Brazilian facial at the Strip Ministry of Waxing?

"We use a facial machine to perform micro-dermabrasian facials on the Brazilian area, and apply solutions to aid with hydration, preventing acne and ingrown hairs, and evening out skin tone," Padilla explained. Pretty shapes and smooth skin aside, there is still an ouch factor to consider.

"The skin in the Brazilian area is quite sensitive," said Padilla. "We're continually researching new ways of approaching waxes and technique, and trying out products that address Brazilian-specific issues like ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, and post-wax irritation."

So are you team Brazil? When it comes to waxing, do you vote 'Nay' or 'Strip Away!' Leave us a comment below!

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