This week, I have to shout out a trio of my go-to products. rain or shine. Two of these picks are oldies but goodies, but they never go out of style for me. And the other is fairly new, having fought its way into my hair care routine. Yes, my stylist and I had a battle over it. But fighting aside, click through the slideshow for my must-have masterpieces!

First up is a nail polish veteran, Nicole by OPI Kardashian KolorNow, this has had major beauty buzz for a while, but I still can rave about it! The Kardashian sisters are such makeup mavens so I knew these lacquers were going to be luscious. I tend to lean to more sparkly, glittery formulas with a lot of shimmer. This collection also has some nice matte colors, interlaced with flashy numbers like my fave, "A Gold Winter's Night" and "All is Glam, All is Bright." For me, these polishes are perfect accessories to match any outfit. Check the collection out and add a touch of fabulous to your fingertips!

Moving to my crown and glory, SoftSheen Carson's Optimum Salon Haircare AMLA Legend Line is one of my newer discoveries. On an order from my hair stylist, I tried the relaxer a few months ago. And boy, did it do wonders for me. I felt like Rapunzel with silky, bone straight hair that bounced and danced with amazing volume. A true hair blowing in the wind moment. After that experience, I was hooked and went out to cop their Billion Hair Potion. My hair always feels loved with this one. The secret is all in India's AMLA Oil, extracted from the vitamins and minerals-rich antixiodant, Amla Superfruit. It works magic. Your hair will thank you for it!

And for my face, Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 does the trick. My dermatologist hipped me to this facial wonder, which is pretty light and non-greasy. It's hydrating and protects against the sun's daily assault. This one is also fragrance-free and perfect for using under makeup, which is a big must-have for me. I gotta be able to put on my foundation without a hassle. Toast to no-fuss beauty!

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