OMG Kate Middleton looked so gorg debuting the Prince of Cambridge to the world on Tuesday. It's impossible to tell that she just gave birth 24 hours ago. 

Every woman should look this good after labor. We did a little detective work and found out some fab ways that this regal royal gets her ravishing look.

Turns out, Kate is into bee venom products, helping to achieve her princess perfect skin.  What makes these products worthy of royalty? The Dutchess digs these finds for the anti-bacterial products they have.

Want skin like Kate's?  Hollywood Life recently offered up and skin-soothing properties that will help you get this glow. For a skincare steal, try Manuka Doctor ApiClear Line. They have a killer Foaming Facial Cleanser and Moisturizing Lotion with great pore-cleaning and skin-soothing properties. The Manuka line features papaya extract and shea betaine-driven formula designed to eliminated impurities and purify skin.  The foaming cleanser contains rose water and witch hazel to enhance shine and eliminate spots.

We also hear that Kate got a hair spa treatment a day before giving birth. And every beauty guru knows to have her stylist on speed dial for photo op moments like this, so of course Kate had hers at the hospital. What a fab blowout for the new mommy!

And the Dutchess' makeup was all about bright cheeks, nude lips, and slightly defined eyes. Didn't she look marvelous?

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