It is summer time and as much as we love beach waves and curls, sometimes the warm and sticky humidity makes the classic ponytail not just an option, but a necessity. But a summer ponytail does not always have to be basic and dare we say it, boring.

You can still make this hairstyle hotter than the blazing summer heat. We have picked out our four favorite ponytail styles highlighted by Allure Magazine. Click through the slideshow to see our top 4 ponytail pics worn by celebs who take this updo to new heights.

First up is the High and Puffy ponytail. Kate Beckinsale looks gorgeous as she rocks the funky updo. In order to create a bit of a feminine bounce, begin wrapping large sections of hair around a one-inch curling iron from there tease the crown, then pull hair up and tightly fasten the hair at the top of the head.

To add more volume to your look open up the ponytail with your fingers and tease the base lightly until you are satisfied.

If you are looking for a more fuss-free type of look, you may want to go for the Light and Airy ponytail like our favorite ginger, Jessica Chastain.

Jessica's ponytail looks effortless and sexy on the redheaded beauty and the great thing about this look is that it works on any texture of hair.Allure suggests applying dry shampoo to your roots in order to eliminate grease and flatness. From there simply gather hair up, and lightly ruffle the top with your fingers for an undone disheveled look, remember you still have to walk in public so don't overdo the messy look.

For a more laid back type of do, try the Wound Down ponytail which has been perfected by Victoria's Secret supermodel royalty, Alessandra Ambrosio. This look features a side pony, with a few loose pieces framing the face and a spiral-wrapped base. In order to create this look you need to remove a small section of hair before tying your ponytail to one side.

You will use the small section to wrap around the base. Once you do your ponytail wrap the small section until it is about mid-length, then fasten the end of the looped hair with a small elastic band and well hidden bobby pins.

Finally we have the classic Long and Silky ponytail worn by the one and only Beyoncé. Apply a styling wax to your hair starting from your roots and work your way down to the ends to smooth stray hairs, the wax will also provide you with grip, and leave a mirror-like shine on your finished look. Tie a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and wrap a section of hair around the base.

If you are new to this style you may want to use an elastic band and then use your hair to cover it. Go over the tail with a flatiron and you are all set!

What do you think of these perfected pnytails?  Let us know which one you'll be trying in the comments below!