Beauty World News Alert: Marc Jacobs debuts his Sephora line! Okay, not the whole line, but the first five products quietly made their way onto the Sephora website recently. Talk about a sneak attack!

We have been counting down the days, minutes, seconds until Aug. 9 when the designer's makeup would hit beauty shelves. Thank the makeup gods for a little taste to tide us over! The pre-launched five products look fantastic. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

There's lip balms, lip vinyl glosses in five shades, inky liquid eyeliner and four eyeshadow palettes. The Lip Lock Moisture Balma buttery rich formula with a mint flavor, shea and avacado, goes for $26.94. Just hydrate and get happy.

Our fave, the Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl - Sheer is shimmering baby pink and lightweight, Sephora said. For $32.72, get a "lightly pigmented, plumping" formula with antioxidants and essential oils that glides on for perfect coverage. We love to pamper our pouts! There's also the Style Eye-Con No.3 - Plush Shadowa petite set of three plush shadows that marry for a marvelous finish. You got shimmery metallics, buttery mattes and lustrous sheens for $49.08. 

The palette has a big sister in Style Eye-Con No. 7 - Plush Shadow for $68.32. It's a sleek palette with seven luscious colors from grayish purple and pale pink to champagne, bluish silver and bright copper. 

Rounding things off is the Magic Marc'er Precision Pen, a liquid eyeliner inspired by the classic sleek of a calligraphy pen. It draws thick and thin line, accentuating eyes with a "fast-working, no-transfer, no-fade formula" for $34.64.

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