There's nothing wrong with sugarcoating things sometimes, but candy coated lips?

This sweet little look is definitely more editorial than it is ready-to-wear.

It reminds us of the sprinkle nails Katy Perry wore circa 2010 in honor of her tricked out Willy Wonka themed birthday bash.  We quickly learned you could achieve the same kind of candy manicure with either real sprinkles or 3D nail art, but how does one go about nailing this look on lips?  If you love it, that is.

Turns out all you need to achieve this sugary fantasy lipstick are sprinkles, honey and a spoon.  Apply honey to lips with the back of a spoon and then simply place lips into a plate of sprinkles. Use a Q-tip to remove excess sprinkles and define the lip line.

This look rolled into our laps via Tumblr and we didn't know whether girl was ready to pucker up, or if we should ask her how her dessert was.

We'll leave the final beauty verdict to you guys. Is this a Love It or Leave It?