Jennifer Aniston has debuted another new look!

Just kidding, the new 'do is for the Hollywood starlet's new film, Squirrels to the Nuts, set to release in 2014. The hairstyle trendsetter was spotted on set during filming sporting a chin-length brunette bob. The style looks a little messy, but anything in the name of art right?

With Aniston known for her effortless chic hair and the legendary layered look she made famous worldwide while on the hit TV show, Friends, it's clear to us this is an obvious wig. Hair like this couldn't possible belong to Jennifer, who we've never seen have a hair outta place!

We're sure Aniston could rock being a brunette, but we're glad to know this classic blonde hasn't permanently left team blonde! 

Squirrels to the Nuts is said to be about a married Broadway director falls for a prostitute-turned-actress and works to help her advance her career. Sounds like it's sure to be a laugh, just like the one we took as we sighed in relief that this 'new bob' was just temporary.

Jenn's hair has been making its own news for years. After the iconic 'Rachel' haircut helped seal Aniston's tresses into the beauty hall of fame, any headlines surrounding her mane are always gonna be breaking news.

What makes Jenn's hair so coveted by women everywhere? It's all about the color and the versatility.  Just ask the experts. Negin, of L.A.'s Sally Hershberger salon, does Aniston's hair int he privacy of her home and know exactly why her hair is just as big a celeb as Jenn is herself.

"Jen's hair color is a light brown base with golden-blond highlights, and some baby-blond highlights focused on the ends," said Negin to InStyle Magazine.

"Jen's color can work on a lot of people because it has more depth and variation-so darker skin tones all the way to lighter ones, and any eye color works"

Wanna get Aniston's real hair color?  Negin says to "ask your colorist for a light brown base, golden-blond highlights throughout, and baby-blond highlights on the ends."

And whatever you do, leave the hair coloring to the experts! "I wouldn't try to get this color at home, as the highlights can get really messy if you're not a professional," warned Negin.

What do you think makes Jenn's hair so iconic?  Let us know in the comments below!