As is to be expected, the summer is all about perfecting beach beauty, and our friends at Sally Hansen are here to help. The beauty brand recommends a trio of travel-friendly formulas sure to make for a beautiful summer. 

Sally Hansen is now a fan of Adidas for Women Deodorant Body Fragrance as the perfect cool down. Sweating and sticky clothes ain't cute! For only $3.47, this is a quick summer fix. Choose from three signature scents - Pure Lightness, Fruity Rhythm and Natural Vitality.

And for super smooth skin, Sally's got that covered too. Their Ouch-Relief Pre-Wax Strip Kit for Body is pain free, they say. The pre-treatment and pre-wax strips are an easy way to weeks of touch-me skin. And it's no- fuss formula is  also available at the no-fuss price of just $8.99.

Airbrush Legs Lotion rounds out the summer essentials trio at $13.99. If you need some instant cover-up, why not give it a try? We hear it's lightweight, water and transfer resistant and has Palmaria Extract, which hydrates, conditions and enhances coverage. Simply smooth on to get your aibrush on. That's it.

Tell us if you will try or have any of Sally's picks in your summer beauty bag.  Drop us a note in the comments section below!