Attention Beauty World Newsers, this is an EXCLUSIVE! 

Kim Cameron, the amazingly talented, multidimensional songbird of the Billboard chart-topping, alternative pop powerhouse group Side FX, took some time out to answer some of our pressing beauty, fashion and feel-good questions. We simply love her "Not Into You" mash-up!  Here's what the fierce Kim had to say to BWN about beauty, fashion, and all things fabulous.

Are there a lot of steps to getting glammed up for a show or public appearance?

Gosh, the whole being fit is so much work! I have learned that taking your time applying make up is critical. Everyone has iPhones and Droids so you know your picture will be snapped. I start with Make Up Forever's foundation [before setting] it with their HD powder. Next comes the cheeks and eyes. I go through this process of deciding if I want the big eye or the super bright lip. The eyes typically win. I am in love with NARS eye shadows because of their rich pigment.  Of course, black MAC eyeliner is always on the list of things to do. After I feel pretty good about my makeup, which typically takes me at least 30 minutes to complete, I head to the DryBar. I love this place. Unfortunately they are not located everywhere I tour, so I end up at a local salon for a blow out. I am just awful about doing my own hair.  As much as I try, I am afraid I do not have the patience!

Any great beauty tips for looking and feeling your best this summer?

I have become a major believer in hard-core, pure Vitamin E Oil.  It goes on a bit sticky at first and you need time for it to absorb, but it has a natural SPF and it is transforming my skin! I get the highest concentrate available from the drugstore and so far, I am completely hooked.  My other secret is using Evian's spray during the day. On the east coast, it can get hot and pretty clammy. The sprays seems to work just right by convincing me that I am not living in a swamp. My other favorite right now is the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. Since I run a lot, I have this horrible looking runners tan, so spraying a little of that evens me out.

Who would be a favorite fashion or beauty icon of yours?

Carole Lombard was an amazing beauty with such style.  Way before any of our time, but the way she carried herself in those low cut dresses with such confidence was amazing. She also made short hair truly sexy. She died at the age of 33, which in my opinion is just about the age when women start to figure out who they are...I suspect her style would have surpassed all of her fellow actresses at the time.

With such high-energy, chart-topping music, Side FX must have a very ferocious, modish style. Tell us a bit about your fashion sense.

My personal style is a bit different than my FX style. I personally love the urban-chic meets Paris romance. Put me [in] a black dress with a touch of cream lace and hot pink platforms, I am one happy gal.  But for the stage, it is all about the glitter. I was in Miami doing a show earlier this year, and found these Swarovski crystal jeans that are the sexiest pair of legs [that] I have ever touched. I typically couple some serious bling with something plain to really spice up the effect.  Since our show is very lighting centric, you cannot have enough sparkle. 

Since you are so photogenic and a muse for many photographers, any favorite photo shoots that you've done or fave places to shoot?

In my whole life, no one has ever called me photogenic! Boy, do I wish. Now, it is true that I get asked to be in photos a lot, but it is still a challenge for me to be fun in photos. My two most favorite shoots have been with actor Brandon Ruckdashel, who just seems to get me, and a recent one with Karyn Knapp. Both were shot in New York, and both incorporated a bunch of different styles. I wore everything from Prada shoes and a Guess handbag to a Free People dress layered with some totally rad costume jewels, which I found on the street intertwined with David Yurman. 

Wondering what other amazing things Kim is doing now? She's got a great reality TV project, which is "definitely one chapter yet to be told."  And the superstar is continuing to work with kids and discover young talent for her record label. For more on Kim, check out her website,