Naya Rivera got her sexy on and bared some skin in Complex's August/September issue.

The "Glee" star, 26, takes center stage as a poker-loving seductress in the "Stakes is High" photo shoot, according to Complex.

The magazine reported that her on-screen life as feisty lesbian cheerleader Santana Lopez and real life have one striking similarity: the actress is playing her cards right on both fronts. With her first movie and untitled album in the works, she has all that "makings of a soon-to-be household name" and proves it in the steamy, sultry spread. 

For the shoot, Rivera wore a white-and-black tuxedo, with perfectly coiffed hair and an expression that stares right through you.

Wearing a light green dress, she finds the perfect company in her deep red pout. The TV star appears as a woman unafraid, but still clinging to her innocence while gazing into the camera lens. Showing just how fearless she can be, Rivera strips down to black undergarments and looks as if she is completely comfortable in her own skin.

"After a couple of hours, she tiptoes out of her dressing room looking like she hopped out of a 1960s Lucky Stripe ad," said Complex writer Tara Aquino in the article. "Her legs are thin and toned, like a Rodeo Drive mannequin. Her abs look like they are straight out of a Pilates video. The crowd around her whispers in awe."

She also bares her soul for the magazine, letting the world in on her romance with rapper, Big Sean. 

"He's a sweetheart, but he's not a little b***," she said. "With anything you want, you'll work at it and make time for it."

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