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Former Essence Editor, Corynne Corbett Launches Beauty Biz Camp

ByClarissa Hamlin
Jul 17, 2013 11:25 AM EDT

With so many young, eager beauty junkies looking to break into the beauty world, they just might get a serious headstart with "Beauty Biz Camp."

This new non-profit program is all about teaching teens about the beauty industry's ins and outs. Corynne Corbett, former editor of Essence, came up with the awesome idea. This multi-faceted beauty maven knows all the industry's hottest happenings.

"I think the beauty industry is challenged because there is not enough representation at the [decision-making] table," Corbett said to Fashionista. "Instead of complaining about it, I need people to do something about it. They say we can't find the people [to fill those jobs,] so then let's equip people to do the jobs." We're down with that.

Calling all aspiring nail and makeup artists, hair stylists! If you're interested and in the New York City area from July 22 through August 9, a $1,000 per session/week will get you the 411 on product development, e-commerce and PR, plus secrets on being a beauty trendsetter and a behind-the-scenes Betty at fashion shows.

Carol's Daughter founder Lisa Price, Seventeen's beauty director Yesenia Almonte, and Glam Belleza Latina Patricia Reynoso will be in the house. The ladies will drop some serious beauty knowledge so get your pens and paper ready! And at least 10 scholarships will be up for grabs too. Yay!

Are you interested? Tell us in a comment below!

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