Beauty knows no bounds with the new Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer by Benefit Cosmetics. Available this month, this little magic stick of time is making waves amongst beauty lovers, and with a recent endorsement of its fabulosity coming from YouTube beauty guru, Michelle Phan's latest video, this product just might be on its way to cult classic status.

So if you're out of the beauty loop, a primer is essential to a beauty regime. If you want skin to stay oil-free and have your makeup stay in place, a primer is a great way to set your look and keep it pretty and pristine.  A must have for summer!

Benefit's Stay Flawless Primer promises to deliver on these features and then some. This tiny little tube packs a big punch of pretty. It contains invisible PRO-long primer that acts like a magnet to instantly lock-on your foundation. This innovative, paraben-free stick formula keeps your makeup looking fresh for up to 15 hours. The results are in, and they're flawless! Check out these stats:

94% said it helps foundation last longer*
97% saw an improvement in the look of skin/complexion*
94% said it increased foundation coverage*
97% said it enhanced foundation's performance*

Application of this latest beauty innovation is easy.  Glide this innovative primer stick directly onto skin, then immediately apply foundation, blending together on face. Then, do the twist! Remember to turn the stick down before replacing cap. Need a quick tutorial? Check out the fun Stay Flawless how-to video below and let us know if you'll be adding this primer to your prettifying process. Drop us a note below!

* Results observed in a consumer panel survey when worn with hello flawless liquid foundation & powder