Vanessa Hudgens is back to doing her annual Mani Monday on her Tumblr account. This time around Austin Butler's girlfriend showed off her patriotic side with some fourth of July inspired nails.

The look is chic and unique and we decided if Vanessa can do a cool Independence Day look why can't we?

Now we know that July 4th is over and there wont be another one for a year but why not stick with the theme of being unique and wear your American flag nails anytime this summer?

Red, white, and blue have always been trendy colors so it's not like you will be committing a major fashion faux pas like wearing white after labor day.

For those of you brave enough to try the American flag nails, we stumbled across a great tutorial by YouTube sensation Michelle Phan. She takes you step by step on how to recreate a USA themed manicure.

For starters you will only need red, white and blue nail polish. Starting from your pinky paint the nail blue, then the next finger white and so on until you finish the hand from there proceed to do the same with your other hand.

Use a thin brush to paint on the red stripes to the nails with the white base. In an effort to make a straighter line roll your finger as you paint on the stripes.

Use the white polish to paint small dots on the nails with the blue base, Michelle recommends painting them on diagonally so they will look uniform. You can dot the nails until you are content with the overall look.

Once you are sure the nails are dry finish the look off with a clear top cot. Simply wait for the nails to dry and you are all set to rock your American flag, USA inspired look.

Check out Michelle Phan's tutorial below. The nail tutorial ends are the 1:56 mark but continue watching to see Michelle's finished fourth of July look.