Love It or Leave It: Heidi Klum Cornrows


Heidi Klum must have channeled her inner Bo Derek with these beachtastic braids! The supermodel worked this daring look during her Bahamas vacation over the Fourth of July weekend. And we love it, Klum! Her locks were locked down in an easy and stylishly convenient way for enjoying a little holiday fun in the sun. Extra cool points for rocking a manageable, get-up-and-go style that's also gorg! 

But, we pride ourselves in giving the whole truth and nothing but the truth here at Beauty World News. The 40-year-old catwalk stunner didn't need the colorful rainbow of beads. We get it: she looks youthful, but the beads read a bit dated, and dare we say, child-like. Don't get us wrong; we love beads! The iconic pictures of Bo Derek in all her blonde braided glory, with killer, white seashell-looking beads in the late 1970s, is an iconic image branded in our minds. Bo's summer style definitely turned heads and still does today.

And though we don't like to cry "Bo Derek" every time a star rocks cornrows, Klum just looks so much like her! We swear that Klum could be her twin. And the supermodel has such an an adventurous spirit that we absolutely admire about her, hence the pass for the not-so-fab beaded hair details. 

Klum took her super-tight braids all the way from the tropical beach to New York City on Sunday, People revealed. It looks like braids are more than a trend for the blonde beauty, who has two daughters that sported similar styles. Perhaps her braids may be a "mane" event for a while or at least until the end of summer. Either way, she pulls off the style very well.

We may be smitten kittens when it comes to her 'do, but is it a don't for you?  Let us know with a little note in the comments section below!      

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