This week, for our Throwback Thursday, we honor classic beauty, Eartha Kitt.

We purred with glee when we stumbled across this stunning photo of the legendary Catwoman. Known for her iconic voice, Kitt was a popular nightclub singer in Paris and also honored her fellow Americans with her memorable performances both on stage and the silver screen. Kitt is known best for her 1953 recording of "Santa Baby," still beloved around the world to this day. With sky-high cheeks bones and the grace of a feline, Kitt also played in the villainous vixen, Catwoman, on the 1960's Batman series. From Broadway to the big screen, Kitt was an absolute star, whose beauty always left us wanting more.

Kitt's era of beauty was during the 1950's. After the Second World War and the need to go for minimal makeup simplicity, the beauty industry was back on an upswing and began to create a wide variety of colors for customers to choose from. The popularity of color motion pictures also helped to spearhead the need for different makeup palettes so women could look like their favorite star. Cherry lips, rosy cheeks, and neutral eyeshades were the overall theme of the era. The look is polished with soft, flawless skin, defined brows, winged eyeliner, and a colorful pout. Eartha's beauty was unmistakably natural, so just a few subtle touches of makeup made her even more of a knockout. Here's how to get the look.