A trip to the salon for some much needed pampering is a must do errand on every girl's to do list. A warm foot soak, relaxing massage, and shiny new polish are always the key to happy feet. But don't you just hate it when your pedicure starts to smudge, chip, and fade? While the battle to keep nails looking great will be an ongoing war, here are 5 cool tips to help ladies everywhere preserve their pedicures a little longer.

1. Cuticle Oil.  Applying cuticle oil helps strengthen and condition nails. Stronger nails are then less prone to chips, breaks, and thus your pedi can remain in tact. Applying once or twice a day delivers a nice, fresh from the salon sheen too.

2 Pantyhose. Yes this really works. If I forget my flip flops and need to put my shoes on over a fresh pedicure, I bring the cut off feet from a pair of pantyhose. Think of this as the thinnest protective socks for your toes. They keep polish smooth and smudge free just long enough for you to walk home.

3. Reinvent the French. Chips in you polish got you down? Fear not. Choose a white polish, complimenting color, or nail pen, and draw a line across the tip of the nail for a fierce new French pedicure. It's the perfect backup style.

4. Layer your Color. We all know one color is never enough, so what's wrong with a little layering? Pick a great color and layer a complimentary shade on top. Glitter and sparkle polishes work great for this color combo tip. As your top shade fades, you'll have another color underneath to lengthen the wear of your pedi.

5. Know your Topcoats. Not just for glossy shine, a top coat can protect your pedicure from chips, smudges, and even UV rays. These high tech formulas are custom designed to sometimes last as long as 10 days. Even better, some topcoats have the added benefit of fast drying your polish, with the ability to penetrate, dry, and seal your color for a boost in longwear.

Keep these tips in mind and you'll preserve your pedi a little longer. How do you make your pedicures last? Share your techniques in the comments section below!