When it comes to rings, who isn't smitten and blinded by bling? Yet another reason to try the latest trend in jewelry accessories!

Just yesterday, Chanel introduced layered nail, knuckle and finger rings at their Fall 2013 Haute Couture Show in Paris.  These shiners sparkled with fashionista flair, as model's toted them up and down the runways on their hands. This new triple-ring trend was definitely a show stealing look.  Swagger New York refers to triple-rings as the "it" item in finger bling.

This new trend is a far cry from the famed knuckle-ring.  Fingers seem to be trading up these days, with jewelry lovers opting for a bit more eye-popping appeal. The bejeweled bands Chanel debuted this week have pretty much sealed the deal on this look becoming popular fast.  And if Chanel show attendees, Rihanna or Kristen Stewart try it on for size, we're pretty sure so will everyone else. 

So with triple-rings seemingly the newest frontier in finger art, what do you think of this look? Love it or Leave it? Drop us a note in the comments section below!