Cheek to cheek, blush is essential to so many makeup looks. But what's the real purpose behind this sexy little flush of color?  We tapped one of our resident makeup gurus, Glenn Marziali, to find out all the blush basics and learn a few secrets to pulling off a cool, not clownish look. Read below to learn a few of Glenn's tips, his favorite celebs who do blush best, and click through the slideshow for a few of his product recommendations.

So Glenn, is there is another important use for blush other than showing off cheeks?

You want to wear blush to add color to your look. It doesn't have to be a ton of color, either. Simple definitely says it, and less is always more. You want to use blush to make your face look vibrant and healthy. You're really just accenting the natural flush skin has, making your overall look that more appealing.