Every week, we can't wait for Drew Barrymore to share some cool makeup tips that help us nail different looks from her Flower Beauty website on Tuesdays.

When we first found out about Barrymore's foray into makeup and that she would be giving out great gems of beauty advice in her weekly video series, Tip Tuesday, it's safe to say that we were more than thrilled. Drew epitomizes adorable chic in a laid-back, uncomplicated way, always giving great face. 

Tuesday is finally here and we loved learning some of Barrymore's in-depth skills on the art of perfecting your complexion. Offering a full demo, Drew creates a flawless face in a new and awesome tutorial. Hiding blemishes can be daunting and a bit tricky at times, but the actress shares an easy how-to version for blemish-busting.

Drew covers everything from "volcanic" zits, acne spots, and other pesky problems to how to stun with a bold, bright lip. What makes Drew even cooler is that she lets fans send in their pressing beauty questions, and she's always eager to share her answers. Drew's weekly series has been a hit and despite all the beauty talk, she's not afraid to laugh at herself and admit her flaws. "...I absolutely get little patches, acne, or little and big red spots every once in a while, or volcanic 3-D moments that make me want to just talk to everybody [with my hand over my chin,"] she said. "But I still am not going to complain because it's what happens to us girls."

Drew's makeup must-have for disguising her blemishes is the Flower Beauty's Skin Cognita Foundation for its creamy, dewy formula. Simply apply it with your fingers, using them to "feather out" the product as much as possible. Barrymore said that tools can get in your way when you are trying to cover skin up quickly and efficiently before an evening out. Gotta love Tip Tuesdays!

For the video tutorial by the makeup maven herself, click HERE.