Summer beauty can be many things, but one staple of the season is sunkissed skin. Thumbing through our celeb rolodex of images, we stumbled upon a class look from last summer, served up by the beautiful actress, Diane Kruger.

We wanted to know if this kind of skin perfection is simply genetic or actually achievable with a couple makeup tips, so we turned to our resident celebrity makeup artist Pascale Poma. Read on to learn how exactly to get the look and click through our slideshow to learn all of Pascale's product recommendations.

We love Diane Kruger. She is just so stunning. Is it possible to recreate this look even if we look nothing like her?
Yes! We can all, regardless of our own features use her subtle sense of colors to amplify our own beauty.

What do you think makes this look work so well and compliment her natural beauty?

This look works so well on her because it is a prefect balance of colors that complement Diane's complexion. Even when replicating a look, always cater your makeup to you.

Is Diane playing up any particular facial feature here? What's here secret to looking so flawless?

The first thing that catches the eye when looking at Diane is her strikingly gorgeous eyes, definitely her strongest feature. She understood that and did put the accent right there by using shades that complement her skin and give her eyes center stage.

What would be the first few steps we'd need to follow in order to achieve this look?

As always, the skin is the number one most important feature to care of. Make sure to have it clean moisturized and protected. Once that is done, I can safely say that 90% of the job is done! Choose bronzing powder over foundation, and use a hint of concealer where needed only. Personally, I like using two different shades of bronzers, one for the base and one of a darker tone for contouring and a highlighting powder. It works wonders for the bone structure! Then, to keep it very summery, go for a copper or golden eye shadow by contouring the rim of the eye with a velvety black khol.

What products do you recommend we use to create our own version of Diane's?

I really love this summer smoky eye, as it is easy to achieve and can be twisted a bit to fit your mood. Here are my essential, to have in any kit for the summer:  The Terracotta Bronzing Powder at GUERLAIN blends perfectly to any skin tone. The AMC Multicolor System Highlighting Powder at INGLOT is a must have for the soft light glow it gives to any skin. Botanics eye shadow is a fabulous duo of colors to flash the light on any eyelids and MAC Brun Muted blackish-brown (Satin) for the outer corner of the eye. The classic Le Crayon khol at LANCOME has been the best for decade. You cannot go wrong with this one and it lasts forever. I love the CLARINS brow pencil. And To stay with the classics, nothing beats MAYBELLINE Great Lash Mascara to add some nice lash definition. My favorite lipstick for achieving this look would be ck one color cosmetics in Whatever or Fancy.

Do this look work on olive or deeper skin tones? What would the steps be for different skintones?

This look works on any complexion. Olive and deeper skin tones can opt for bolder colors with shades of blue, bronzed dark green or dark purple,

Olivia makes such a gorgeous brunette. What to do if you're a redhead or blonde?

On a pale skin and blond hair shades of deep gold instead of copper would work too, but again, it really depends on the color of the iris, than anything else. Should it be to blend with the general complexion for day look or going bolder for a sexy evening makeup, don't forget to underline the eye rim with a darker or brighter eye pencil. That is your very own beauty statement right there.

Any additional tips or tricks?
This is a gorgeous look, but make sure to perfectly blend the eye shadow and do not go above the crease to avoid a round, raccoon like eye.

Thanks Pascale! 

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