This Throwback Thursday, we honor classic beauty, Greta Garbo.  A film legend, Garbo is part of movie history. She is known for her memorable roles in both silent films and modern day audio cinema, then known as "talkies."  Known for films such as The Temptress (1926) and Flesh and the Devil (1926), Garbo was a private actress, whose limited interaction with the press fueled the public fascination with her. A pinup of the 1930's, Garbo's beauty and on-screen persona have made her a true Hollywood legend and international star.

Garbo is known for her dramatic eye make-up. For decades after her legendary performances on-screen, women have been replicating her signature look, including Hollywood mega star, Marilyn Monroe. It is said Greta would create her bold eye makeup by applying a super-thin layer of petroleum jelly over her eyelids, followed by a neutral shade of powder up to the brow line, followed by a blend of a dark shade into the crease of the eyes for a theatrical, deep-set in look. Garbo would then line her top eyelids with eyeliner, which was made partly of a charcoal pigment at the time. Garbo's signature look was blush-free. Brows are super thin and lips are stained a beautiful shade of pink raspberry.

Garbo's hairstyles were full of versatility. Her iconic pictures includes all types of fashionable and timeless looks including ringlets, finger waves, sexy slicked back hairstyles, and the beloved bob.  Garbo also served some serious fashion with her signature hat accessories. Used as a means of avoiding the press, Garbo became even more glamorous to fans for the chic and effortless style.

Here's how to recreate Garbo's signature beauty look. Keep skin matte, using a liquid foundation and pressed powder to create a solid, even base for complexion.   You want skin to look as flawless as possible. To give the illusion of thin, defined brows, slick your own back and lightly define arches with a brow pencil matching your brow shade. Replicate Garbo's dramatic eyes by using a primer to keep makeup from running. Stick with neutral eyeshadows and apply black eyeliner to the crease of eyes and softly blend with a dark eyeshadow. Complete your eye look with black mascara. Skip the blush and dress lips up in a cool berry shade to compliment your skintone.  You're all set for your silent film debut!

Will you try Garbo's signature beauty look? Check out the fun makeup tutorial below and let us know your thoughts!