With prom and wedding season in full swing, the art of the updo has gone to new and creative heights. Of the many popular trends within this style is the hair flower.

No, not a flower in your hair, but your hair turned into a flower.There's the French Flower Braid, the Meadow Twist, the Dutch Flower Braid, The Flower Bun, Romantic English Rose.  The summer has triggered a full-fledged garden of hair.

Check out the photo we found on Instagram. This girl's hairstyle is practically blooming into a rose of its own!

Forget the traditional accents of peonies or daisies, this look has got that covered and then some. With less braiding details and more twists and hidden pins, we can't get over how much of a green thumb the brains behind this style has!

What do you think of this look? Love it or Leave it?

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