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Ice Facial Tutorial With Beauty Guru Michelle Pham

ByKim West
Jul 01, 2013 12:02 AM EDT

We love a good tutorial. Check out this latest one from YouTube beauty guru, Michelle Phan. According to Michelle, ice facials are very popular in Asia. Korean actresses swear by rubbing ice cubes on their face to achieve that beautiful radiant glow. She figured if you're going to rub ice on your face, why not make it better by adding green tea and vitamin E? This will help reduce morning facial swelling and help constrict large pores without using chemical toners.

Michelle explains that usually in the morning or whenever you wake up from sleeping horizontally, your interstitial fluid, or body fluid gets redistributed, mostly through the lymphatic system. "This is why your face tends to swell in the morning," Phan said.

Using this ice facial tutorial will not only reduce facial swelling, but it will help constrict the large pores, especially after a hot shower where it opens up the pores. "Remember it's only temporary, but I've noticed my skin looking brighter after using this ice facial."

Let us know if you try this easy at-home ice facial and tell us know what you think in the comments section below.

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