Kendall Jenner just finished an exotic, animalistic spread for fashion, beauty and culture magazine, Kurv. 

The 17-year-old model did a stunning, 30-page high fashion shoot in their issue hitting newsstands on Friday. She gave a sneak peek, posting three images on her Instagram page. 

She looked "amazing as an exotic warrior princess" in the magazine beginning with "K" just like her name, according to Hollywood Life. In one close-up, she is marked with white paint on her face, neck, chest and arms while hiding her face with her hand. 

Jenner donned matching white nails and statement rings but the picture shows her face only. But, with a paint stripe on her hair, she is immortalized in this fierce, tribal look.

In another shot, she flaunts her endless bare legs and thin figure in a strapless sun-colored dress that leaps off the page against the dark, wood backdrop. She gives tough glam with her highly teased hair, gorgeous frock, gigantic choker and garter while looking like something out of a dream.

It took a very imaginative and creative mind to have captured the intricate, emotive poses and expressions of Jenner. 

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star had just posed with her sister, Kylie for their brother, Rob Kardashian's Arthur George sock line. She toned down her look and got comfy for that one in dress shirts and tees without pants. 

Quickly, the teen reality TV star is making her mark on the fashion world, and keeping many people in awe while doing it.

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