While paving his way to becoming a major staple on fashion runways the world over, Giorgio Armani had tried LSD. 

The famed designer, who is known for his hardcore work ethic and perfectionist nature, had a closeted secret that he recently exposed to the UK's Telegraph.  One night, the workaholic indulged and got high.

"It was a long time ago, we were in the office, and we had finished work exhausted," he told journalist Luke Leitch. "A friend of a friend said 'hey, take this it will give you energy,' so I thought I'd try it.'

Armani, 79, explained that he didn't know what was the substance, but he had quite a good time.

"It made me laugh and laugh, like crazy...to the point that my back hurt," he said before putting his hands on his hips, "like I just had a baby." 

There was the "slightest aside" in the fashion visionary's biography that touched on his acid trip. He suggested that the experience was like a boost, jolt and second wind for him.

But to many people, it puts the designer in a different light, showing a new side of himself to the world

This is quite a pill to swallow, but we will let you be the judge.

Does this Armani reveal go down as one of the most memorable moments in fashion's history?    

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