Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Baby Pictures 2013: Fake Images of North West Gone Viral After Affair and Split Rumors? Kimye Could Post on Instagram


With the world fascinated with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new baby girl, many people are awaiting her first photos, which several fake ones have gone viral. 

According to Entertainment Wise, someone or a few people are shopping around and selling Kimye's alleged leaked baby photos to several news outlets. But insiders close to the new parents said the North West pictures are not real.

There were several fraudulent images on TMZ, which reported that Kardashian, 32,  hatched a plan to send fake pictures to "friends" to see if any would sell them to tabloids.

Reportedly, someone close to Kimye tried to sell the pictures to the celebrity gossip site, claiming they were genuine though sources said they were fake. Kardashian is waiting in the wings to see who else will try.

But just how will Kimye debut real photos of baby North?

With the couple being so private and protective, many people are unsure how they will introduce North West to the world. They may just sell the photos to a leading magazine.

"People Magazine is the most likely bidder and they will probably pay between $200 to $400K," said a source. "The Kardashians have dealt with US Weekly in the past and they too have the budget for a big spend." 

But like the couple's BFF's, Jay-Z and Beyonce, they could also go another route and show off their daughter on a social network like Tumblr or Instagram. 

Hollywood Life reported that Kris Jenner wants to control how they release the first pictures, but the couple is not going for that. "No matter what they decide, if they want to make money on the pictures or give it to the world for free, it will be their joint decision," an insider said to HL. "Just the two of them, nobody else! I can assure you that."

But the couple's minds are elsewhere, focusing on their daughter's health and their well-being as a family, another source said.   

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