You've Heard of BB And CC, Now Meet DD Creams

It looks like a new set of letters has been added to the beauty equation. From blemish balms (BB creams), to color correcting (CC creams), women have pretty much selected their hybrid makeup team by now. But it looks like a whole new set of creams is set to shake things up. Introducing the "Dynamic Do-Alls," or "Daily Defense Creams." A.K.A. DD Creams.

DD Creams are the latest beauty innovation for makeup and skincare fused products to hit the market. Debuting earlier this month, DD Creams claim to provide what BB's and CC's don't. Offering more coverage than a BB cream and more benefits than a CC cream, it looks like DD Creams might be the new makeup trend.

So who's the first to enter the DD Cream market? Both Julep and Ofra Cosmetics are providing their own versions of this dynamic do-all formula. For $36, Julep DD Crème claims to goes beyond BB cream to moisturize, prime, perfect, and protect-both instantly and over time. Available in four shades, Julep's DD Crème offers SPF 25 protection from the sun, patented anti-aging ingredients to help decrease the appearance of pores and fine lines, hibiscus and olive extracts keep skin hydrated, and provides lightweight, buildable coverage with an ultra-smoothing finish.

Ofra Cosmetics For $30, Ofra Cosmetics offers a lightweight, hydrating DD cream that can be applied on the face and addresses fine lines, uneven skin tone caused by blemishes or dark spots, and provides anti-ageing properties. Available in a wide variety of shades for women of color, this DD cream formula includes light-diffusing brighteners, antioxidants and vitamins. It too is buildable providing wearers with more coverage to disguise and diminish imperfections.

Despite the differences in claims amongst BB's, CC's, and DD's, all of these creams are geared towards women who want makeup coverage that's lighter than a heavy foundation, but delivers the added features found in traditional skincare products such as sunscreen and anti-aging benefits. What might help you to keep all of the letters straight when choosing which to try is that they all fall under the category of tinted moisturizers. Each of these creams combines the many different facial beauty needs of women into one product, making them one-stop-shops for users who hate the fuss of applying product after product.

Will you be trying a DD cream? Check out Julep's video below featuring their CEO, Jane, as she explains the Julep DD Crème features and benefits. Let us know your thoughts on DD Creams in the comments section below.

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