Kardashians Guru and Makeup Artist Rob Scheppy Eye Glam Makeup Tips: WATCH Face Contouring, How-To for Flawless Results

Now, beauty fans can learn tips from the makeup master, Rob Scheppy, who beautifies the lovely faces of the Kardashian sisters, in a new tutorial.

In a new how-to video on Kim Kardashian's close friend, Brittny Gastineau's website, Eye on Glam, the cosmetics guru shows us how to achieve a "flawless makeup look," according to US Weekly. 

He tells viewers that contouring is the perfect way to achieve good face, especially on the red carpet or at any event. But you must first start with good skincare.

"[Make] sure you clean your face everyday," he said in the clip. "If you're wearing makeup, [then] you wash it all off. [Also,] at least a couple of times a week, exfoliate your skin so it is not dry."

Explaining how to highlight your facial features, he gives a step-by-step on contouring, which is a huge beauty belief when it comes to enhancing your look. He loves to contour with a brush and sponge using foundation, starting with blending it in the hollow of your cheeks.

He goes with a little bit of a darker shade, which he also applies under the jaw line and near the temples to get "definition." Then, he sets it with powder.

His other advice includes using "gold eyeliner to make your eyes pop and lip gloss to achieve fuller-looking lips."

For more steps and tips, check out the makeup tutorial below!


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