Currently, there is a unique beauty look setting the beauty world on fire. 

The "Flaming Femme" eye look has a "color palette that goes from flame to ashes," with color shades of "fiery red, pink, grey, gold and blue," according to a press release. It finds a muse in COVERGIRL'S new "Flamed Out" product line, which includes "mascaras, shadow pots and pencils" available exclusively at Ulta Beauty.

And many makeup mavens have something amazing to say about this on-trend look.

"Women can set their summer look on fire with our Flaming Femme color palette," said Jen Chamberlain, Proctor & Gamble trend and beauty expert. "Blend blazing colors and smooth liner to customize your look."

The line that can alleviate your beauty woes, and turn fine to fierce comes with many talked-about cosmetics.

It includes COVERGIRL Flamed Out Mascara, with a one-of-a-kind brush that coats lashes for "instant volume boost." It also helps perfect any winged lashes looks.

You will also find the brand's Shadow Pots, which give vivid, bold color perfect for "mixing, matching and blending" to customize and personalize your look. What a way to create a melting pot of makeup.

Finish the look with the Flamed Out Shadow Pencil, which is a gel shadow and liner in one, and a bright color for smooth application. 

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