'The Bling Ring' IMDB, Director Sofia Coppola's Secret Past with Karl Lagerfeld: Facts About the Director Who Saw Emma Watson Pole Dance [VIDEO]

Years before directing the much-talked about "The Bling Ring," Sofia Coppola had a secret past with Karl Lagerfeld.

Yes, but it was strictly professional, for Coppola, 42, once was a "coffee-fetching intern" for the outspoken fashion visionary, according to Refinery 29. We all have to start somewhere! The acclaimed director was doing near manual labor in the 1980's for the Chanel atelier in Paris.

It was grueling work for the triple threat, who also directed 2010's "Somewhere" and 2006's "Marie Antoninette." But the proclaimed "tea girl" got to do some serious shadowing of her mentor.

"I got to see Karl Lagerfeld doing haute sketches for the final shows," told Vogue UK. "It was incredible - he was so creative."

Of course, she was also getting drinks and doing grunt work.

"I was getting coffee and doing intern stuff," she added, "but just to be around him was amazing." 

According to Vogue Uk, she was about 15 or 16 and had an inside family friend who worked there. Though she opted for film over fashion, Coppola is a regular at Chanel shows and still gets together with Lagerfeld occassionally.

"I meet Karl once in a while," she told Stylist. "He's always really sweet and remembers me." 

With revealing such an interesting past including Lagerfeld, we wonder just what else we could dig up about petite filmmaker.

According to IMDB, the multi-faceted talent goes by the nickname, "Domino" and stands at 5' 5 1/2."  Of course, she had a movie star-like life growing up, hanging out on film sets into the late hours while growing up with her famous director dad, Francis Ford Coppola.

The wife and mother of two is also a muse for several people. Marc Jacobs named a handbag after her, and her father launched a series of wines in honor of her "romantic spirit," reported Stylist. 

She also thinks very highly about her new film's leading lady, Emma Watson.

"Emma had a smart point of view about the subject," she said. "I liked that she had a sweet face in contrast to being a bad girl. She had this audition where she put on lip gloss and turned into an LA girl and I was even more impressed when she got the Calabasas accent down. The character could have been a total satire but she made it believable."

Check out a clip of Watson pole dancing in "The Bling Ring," which is out in theaters now, below!


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