Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! This week, we honor another legendary Hollywood beauty:  Rita Hayworth. 

Nicknamed "The Great American Love Goddess," this Hollywood bombshell's fabulosity simply can't be denied.  A Brooklyn girl, turned international super star, Hayworth was known for her legendary roles in classic 1940's and 1950's films such as, Gilda and the Lady from Shanghai.  A pinup and dream girl for many American servicemen during World War II, it is Hayworth's breath-taking beauty, signature auburn hair and 1940's glamour that keeps this ginger an icon amongst makeup mavens and hair stylist gurus alike. 

Rita Hayworth is considered one of the most recognizable femme fatales of the 1940's.  During this time, a 1940s femme fatale was beautifully glamorous, but never overdone.  Subtle makeup, soft hair, and long seductive nails are all Hayworth signatures women still covet today. Here's how to get the look.