Everyone is talking about Avon's new Mega Effects Mascara, boosting a revolutionary "wonder" brush that changes the game.

According to Fashionista, the product can really throw you for a loop with the new "brush" method for coating your lashes, and it is nothing like they have ever seen or used before now.

The product, which comes with a squat brush "that looks like a cross between a paint roller and cat brush," is quite the curveball of your makeup bag.

To use it, you gently rock the brush back and forth to remove from the tube, and then bend it to make the "appropriate application angle" for you. At that specific application point, the whole thing fell apart for thier beauty tester.

This might happen to many buyers, who are conditioned to hold the brush sideways next to their eyes. In the end, it might be difficult to truly embrace this product, which has reportedly been in development for six years and took 5,000 hours of science, they noted.

"The brush goes against every natural mascara-applying instinct I have, since you have to hold it below your eye and brush straight up."

With a brush like this one, it is arranged with bristles meant to "deposit more product on your lashes," which they reported it does very well. But the brush's size and angle makes it difficult to control, especially on the bottom lashes.

The company "is well on its way" to changing the way we think about mascara, according to Beautyrevolutionng.com.  

It's the "new kid on the block" eye product, with a paint brush that allows us to embrace our youthful, artistic side. They reported that they were eager to try the product out to "see if the new application tool would actually make a difference in the performance of the product."

The product will retail for $10 and hit stores in mid-July.

Please tell us if you tried it or plan to try, and check out the unofficial video ad and demo for the product below!