CW's 'The Tomorrow People' IMDB, First Look 2013: SEE Pictures of Cast in a Behind-the-Scenes New Shoot, Heading to Comic Con? [VIDEO]


Though the CW's upcoming new series, "The Tomorrow People" will debut this Fall, the network released new cast pictures and previews of the highly-anticipated thriller. 

For the smoking hot behind-the-scenes photos, click HERE.

The show's buzz is already very loud, with fans taking to the series' social media pages to express their anticipation in droves.

The leading actor, Robbie Amell is getting a lot of attention. He just shot photos for the NO H8 Campaign, a charitable mission recruiting celebrities to pose in photos with their mouths taped shut symbolizing their voices silenced by Proposition 8's ban on same-sex unions. 

The show is already the talk of this year's Comic Con in San Diego, according to

And here's some more lowdown on the futuristic show. Fans can expect a show of X-Men mutant-like characters, who represent the "next stage of human evolution," according to the aforementioned show website. They possess special powers like the small screen characters from NBC's "Heroes," and this group can teleport and communicate telepathically. 

But the show buys into the ever-present story of good battling the forces of evil.

Steven Jamieson, played by Amell, starts teleporting in his sleep and hears a mysterious woman's strange voice in his head. All the weird occurrences lead him to a whole new supernatural world, where he discovers the Tomorrow People and that he is one of them.

Of course, the humans don't like the superior species and wage war against them, bringing a lot of suspense and action into the show.

Phil Klemmer of "Chuck" and "Veronica Mars" fame created the show, which is based upon an original UK series by Roger Price. It stars fairly new actors including Amell, Luke Mitchell, Peyton List and Aaron Yoo, according to IMDB

For several previews from CW, click HERE.

And check out this great clip below!


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