Every Tuesday, we will bring you a video from one of our favorite makeup "It" ladies, Drew Barrymore, who presents her weekly Flower Beauty tips.

This week, the starlet and her co-creative director for the brand, Deb Ferullo show us how to created a "beautiful, bronze glow" in a live from Africa tutorial video on the brand's website. If you imagine primping your face amongst a desert, sun-drenched backdrop, how would you feel?

Well, Barrymore, who admits to feeling a bit apprehensive about bronzing, has a great attitude and makes achieving summer's most luscious look using the brand's Blush Bronzer Duo very easy in a few steps. She answers beauty questions from fans and sits pretty on camera to show us just how we can shine brightly.

Watch the clip HERE.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to start applying the bronzer whereever the sun hits so if the rays hit your forehead, use a makeup brush to begin at that spot and work downward. Many makeup artists do this under a guideline called the "magic 3," stated in the clip.

All you do is move your makeup brush down from the forehead toward the temples and then wrap it around the eye so you land on your cheeks. In moving the brush, you form the top curve of the number "3." 

Then, you move the brush in a curve motion around the mouth down to the chin, forming the bottom curve of the imaginary "3." Pad a little bronzer right underneath the chin as well.

Make sure to repeat that "3" on the other side of your face, giving it a nice shape and contour. Also, don't forget to put a little bronzer on the bridge of your nose and neck for full coverage.

Next, just put a little blush on the apple of your cheeks to finish for a "fresh, healthy and glowy" look. 

And prepare to smile and dazzle, to the envy of your friends.