Henry Cavill Workout, Muscles: Superman Routine For 'Man Of Steel,' SEE Actor Shirtless Body After Weight Speculation in National Guard Video


Henry Cavill's National Guard workout video while in training for his "Man of Steel" role has recently become the talk of the town due to the actor's incredible physique and endurance. 

To prepare for the iconic role of Superman, the British star, 30, worked out with Mark Twight of Gym Jones to tone his body into superhero shape. According to Entertainment Weekly, the message behind the "Soldier of Steel" video is to "push your own physical limits in the name of self-discovery."

For freeze frames of the video, click HERE. 

The hunky actor, whose blockbuster film broke records with more than $100 million in sales its opening weekend, stripped off his shirt and flexed his muscles in lifting huge weights and kettle bells, according to the Daily Mail. 

He not only showed off his ripped body, but his gratefulness and praise for Twight's training. 

"Mark Twight is probably one of the most incredible people I've ever met," he said in the video. "He's opened my eyes to seeing past what I thought were my limits. He's a remarkable man, truly."

He continued, "[Twight] understands what I'm going through physically. He understands me because he sees what I'm going through as a person, which I think is what makes him such a good trainer."

Cavill, who referred to the workout experience as a "genuine discovery," believed the training opened his eyes to all of his physical capabilities like when learning how to fly helped Superman discover his powers.

The National Guard is using the grueling training method to inspire and recruit members. 

To check out the National Guard Soldier of Steel video, press play on the clip below!


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