'Come and Get It' Singer Selena Gomez' Makeup Artist Robert Jones Shows Us How to Perfect a Smokey Eye [How-To, VIDEO]

Makeup artist to the stars, Robert Jones, knows how to use makeup to perform miracles and stunning transformations on the likes of Selena Gomez, Cindy Crawford, Leann Rimes and Sheryl Crow. 

Considering these facts, it's safe to say that a lot of starlets look to him for his expert advice on how to take their faces from gloom to glam in no time flat. He shows off her prowess and skills for perfecting the covetable smokey eye in a new tutorial. 

When women are on the go with not much time to change their daytime makeup look into a nighttime sultry face, Jones offered the appropriate solution. It is wise not to go "dramatically different" between the two looks, but just lightly dust on another layer of makeup. Jones suggested that with layering makeup to create a burgundy smokey eye, you should put powder underneath your eyes so it catches "the falloff' from the shadow that you will apply.

You can take a brush to add a mid-tone shade, starting at the lashes' base and moving up into the crease; this is what begins to give that smokey effect.

It's important to spread out the mid-tone shade to coat the whole eyelid.

Jones likes to highlight the inner corner, which makes for a more subtle, beautiful eye. 

You can start at the base of the lash line again to pad on a rich burgundy color, making sure to blend it out and avoid going over the crease to the brow line.

To get the color really dark at your lash line, just pull up the brush from there a few times. You can even mix the burgundy with a little bit of black to make it even darker.

To upgrade your face to killer status, adding false eyelashes is all the rage, according to Jones.

Check out the expert how-to below for more!


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