With Due Date and Rumored Baby Girl Coming, Does Fergie Rock Own Footwear Collection? SEE Stylish Shoes and Bump Fashions

Fergie has a growing baby bump that still cannot take all the attention away from her stylish footwear. 

Many have raised the question of whether the singer puts on her own designer kicks and shoes. And the answer to that is a simple "yes," according to the Fergie Footwear Facebook page. 

Fans have put together a visual ode to the singer's pregnancy style during her baby bump watch this year. Someone wrote on Friday that "Fergie has been styling her 'lovely little bump' in a plethora of prints, paired with shoes from her Fergie Footwear collection."

Her collection, which features everything from warrior-like sandals to a "chic and cool" women's Huey Black Fabric sneakers at $64.95, takes summer footwear fashion to another level in a unique way.

The star really must believe in the line, strutting in it proudly all over the place. Before her pregnancy, the "Fergalicious" singer was known to rock some skyscraper heels, but has since toned the look for simpler and more comfortable flats and sandals for easy walking while carrying her first child.

She usually paired her footwear with complementing, on-trend outfits, accessories like attractive scarves, and one of her staples, dark sunglasses.

While some stars find it hard to dress for their bump, Fergie, who is due to give birth in September or October as reported by the Daily Mail,  makes it look almost effortless.

For photos of Fergie strutting in her shoes, click HERE.

For more on the singer's shoes, click HERE.        

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