After first gaining momentum and kudos for her soul-stirring voice on MTV's "Making the Band 3" and the "TaQuita and Kaui" show in the mid-to-late 2000s, TaQuita Thorns is picking up more praise and heading full steam ahead with showing her organic blend of powerful music and fashion. 

Unassuming in her approach and character, the style-savvy singer, who just released her debut album, "Rough&Fancy Vol. 1" on May 21, has plenty of modish spices cooking in her fashion pot. In a well-versed email to Beauty World News, the married mom and fashionista opens up about her "speak my mind" personal style, love of sparkling and bedazzled headdresses, and favorite fragrance, Chanel #5.

She also shares advice and her unique formula on looking and feeling your best, whether its rain or shine, in the Q & A below!

What does fashion mean to you? Is it an extension of who you are, an artistic expression, etc.?

Thorns: I love fashion. It is not who I am.  I wear clothes, colors, textures and designs that inspire and express my mood and temperature on any given day. I look for comfort and fit when dressing, both at home and on stage. I love to shop thrift and boutique shops. I will admit to being a repeat offender. If I like something a lot, I tend to gravitate to it until it is not wearable anymore. The more I wear it, the more valuable the piece becomes to me.  

Describe your style, please. 

My fashion style is Rough&Fancy, which is also the name of my album and represents my life growing up in the slums of Detroit, performing and feeling as fancy as can be. I would dress up or not and perform for family and friends. It made me feel fancy (happy) and lifted my spirits no matter how rough my struggles or surroundings.

I use my Rough&Fancy spirit and clothing style to best express myself. I am Rough&Fancy.

Please tell me how you came up with the eye-catching, dramatic looks for your "Believe (Power of Love)" music video?

I simply went to my wardrobe closet and pulled out a few of my favorite pieces and accessories. I love sparkles. I love crowns and headdresses. I do find it difficult to dance when wearing them. They tend to slip around when performing so eventually I just snatch it off and groove. 

Do you design or dream of designing your own clothes? If so, please share the imaginative details, concepts and styles that would make your line amazing.

Since I was a little girl, I have always had my own style. I hand stitched costumes and bedazzled everything. I am not focused on launching a fashion line at the moment; I am focusing on my music and live shows. Who knows what the future holds.

Who are your favorite designer(s) and what fashion-forward, on-trend celebrities or public figures inspire your style, and why?

I have no favorite designers at the moment. I usually wear clothing that reflects my personal style. I feel excited and comfortable in whatever I choose to wear at any given time. I admire the styles of performers like Tina Turner, Selena, Josephine Baker, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Grace Jones, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross and the Supremes. Each of them have an original style that is all their own.

Since summer is fast approaching, any advice or tips for looking your best at the beach or poolside?

To look my best, I simply make a conscious effort to feel and be my best all of the time. I live in the moment. I thank the sun and the ocean with a smile.

What do you feel are the hottest trends out now? Do you like to follow mainstream trends or add your own flare?

I don't follow mainstream trends. I wear the clothes that complement my style. I tend to piece together outfits and costumes that speak my mind.

Tell us about your favorite accessories.

My headpieces! This includes crowns, headdresses, scarves and Rough&Fancy hats!

Do you have a favorite fashion mecca: New York, LA, Paris, Milan, Tokyo? And if so, why is that place so alluring?

I just moved to Los Angeles and have been amazed with the diversity in the LA shopping districts. I love the vintage shops and one-of-a-kind boutiques scattered around the city.  You can pick up some great pieces here and there. I have yet to shop in Milan, Tokyo or Paris, so this answer is to be continued...

Any great beauty tips and tricks that you can share? Anything on how you take care of your skin, fragrances you like, nail designs, makeup dos and don'ts.

I don't believe in tricks. Every action has a consequence. Nothing makes you feel better than eating well, getting lots of rest, self-love, good music and happiness. On the other hand, a vibrant nail color with a sparkly finish has always made me smile. My favorite fragrance is Chanel #5.

For photos, click HERE. Check out Thorns' Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as website for more!