Farrah Abraham Dating Name-Change Actor, Charlie Sheen? Texts Him For Date; Gives Motherly Advice to Pregnant Kim Kardashian


Farrah Abraham is involved in a cell phone relationship with Charlie Sheen, with the twosome texting back and forth and now planning to meet in person. 

According to TMZ, the "Teen Mom" star first reached out to the "Anger Management" actor in hopes to land a guest starring role on his show. She expressed interest in meeting Sheen about it in May.

For the celebrity news site's photo stream of all the texts and story, click HERE.

The young mom, who has been promoting her new pilot, "Finding Farrah" and just appeared on VH1's "The Gossip Table," asked Sheen out on a coffee date, which could be either romantic or just a play outing for their kids.

Sheen responded, "Coffee is for amateurs and grandma," before writing that he was "down" to meet up sometime with Abraham.

Then, the text gets sort of interesting with Abraham asking Sheen to attend an event with some adult-film stars, but the actor was unable to attend.

She texted, "...I'm going to do a B-Day party I think Friday night you can come if you are up for some drinks but there will be like porn star ppl there so if you're not comfortable with that then let me know something else you would like to do:) hope you have a good day Farrah."

He responded, "That is quite the spectrum to navigate young lady..."

Abraham then texted, "Ha ok well let me know what you are comfortable with :) my life is a wide spectrum."

And Sheen responded, "good answer!"

Right now, the twosome are staying in touch and trying to plan a first meeting. But since both are incredibly busy, who knows when that might happen or just what are Abraham and Sheen's intentions with each other. 

In related news, Abraham gave some motherly advice to mom-to-be, Kim Kardashian on the VH1 show on Wednesday. 

For video of Abraham dishing out advice to mom-to-be, Kim Kardsashian, click HERE.   

And tell us what you think below: will Abraham's new role be Sheen's on-and-off screen leading lady?       

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