Michelle Obama Biography Before Heckled DNC Event: Dons Slitted Prom Dress? President Obama's 1970's Afro [PHOTOS]

President Barack Obama and first lady, Michelle, are style icons, but what were their fashion days like before entering the White House? 

For the U.S. chief, he was a basketball-playing star, who sported the legendary afro as his signature, according to Global GrindAnd his future wife rocked the shorter version of the Farrah Fawcett feathered mane with that understated flip back in her high school days. 

For the black-and-white early glimpses of the America's first couple, click HERE.

The country's leading man embodied John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" in one group image, with the classic white, open-neck suit. And in another photo, he sported the famed hoop uniform with the short-shorts showing off his legs. 

Flotus' early style seemed neat and simple, with form-fitted jeans and solid dress shirts.

According to Styleite, the couple's prom photos contrasted each other a bit. Obama's right hand chose a risque satin champagne gown with a skin-baring slit as seen in a photo unearthed by Ellen DeGeneres early last year. Click HERE for that story.

"The split was a little high," lady Obama confessed during the big picture reveal on the comedian's talk show. "I don't know if I'd like my kids go out in a slit like that."

And back in 1979, her then 17-year-old future counterpart donned a "white sportcoat, navy dress shirt with a printed powder blue tie, which complemented his blonde date's dress," reported Styleite.

Click HERE for the president's prom photo. 

The Obamas, who reportedly would dissaude their daughters, Sasha and Malia from getting tattoos by getting them in the same place and putting it on YouTube, seemed to follow the trends of the period. And today, the same can be said.

The first lady "dresses to the executives nines," reported Styleite. She can be demure one minute and daring the next, bringing a conservative chic mixed with subtle sexy. 

And of course, the president can dress in a bespoke tailored suit with the best of them.

Tell us what you think of their 1970's style below!

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