Roberto Cavalli's imagination is running away with him when it comes to dreaming up a new head-turning look for Kate Middleton

The fashion icon refused to hold his tongue on just how the pregnant Dutchess of Cambridge, 31, should look, according to Fashionista. His magnificent idea?

Well, he would pare down the mom-to-be's conservative nature to unleash a bit of her inner sultry beast. 

"A princess should be sexy," Cavalli told Vogue UK at his recent Harrods event for his capsule dresses collection with the brand. "She is young, she is beautiful - I would like to create something special for her, but not too bold. I would like to prove to the world that Roberto Cavalli could dress a princess."

He added that using a "print, keeping it young, sophiscated and sexy" could be the way to go, and just because Middleton is royal and pregnant doesn't mean that she cannot up her sex appeal. 

Cavelli's musings may be something that he gave a good amount of thought or they could just sound like a fashion madman's ramblings about provocative maternity wear. And he actually weighted in on a captivating debate, for Prince William's wife is often criticized for having a "picture-perfect" appearance and safe style choices, according to the Huffington Post

But Middleton is a style winner in many eyes, having caused clothing items to sell out regularly and being voted the UK's most influential beauty icon, reported E! Online.

With the commentary, people are now paying closer attention to the princess' style and drawing comparisons between Cavalli and the outspoken Karl Lagerfeld. 

And since the designer is known for clothes with thigh-caressing slits, attention-grabbing animal prints and risque cutouts, do you think his "sexy" advice would be of interest to Middleton? 

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