The straight vs. curly debate is one of beauty's long-lasting fights, which recently came to a knock down round with L'Oreal Paris declaring curls as the victor.

The widely-known beauty brand commissioned a 2013 "Curly Girls" online survey, showing that curls are the way to go to turn heads, according to a press release. For all those who say curls signify "frizz and frazzle," more people are disagreeing and say the style oozes confidence.

Out of more than 2,000 age 18-and-over adults, 74 percent of women rocking wavy or curly hair say their styles garner compliments. Here's a further breakdown on how being straight up is beat out by curl power.

Nearly 50 percent of men and more than the same percentage of women perceive curly girls as fun, and nearly 80 percent of females would wake up with curls or waves as their natural hairstyle. Only 16 percent would have straight hair.

And curls stand out, for more than 3 in 10 women with bouncy and flowy hair say it makes them feel unique.

Forty-seven percent of those curly women wear their hairstyle as all natural while 15 percent style it straight most of the time.

And if you think curls don't attract the opposite sex or second looks, think again! More than 3 in 10 men or 37 percent of them see curly-haired women as adventurous and more than 4 in 10 men or 42 percent view them as sexy.

Having hair with amble body makes you feel free, according to the 43 percent of females who rock the style.

And when women want to glam up for a special night, 54 percent of them reach for their curling iron.

There are also great products out there for women to maintain and shine with bouncy locks. L'Oreal introduced their EverCurl, the first-to-mass sulfate-free haircare system that offers 48 hours of frizz control and leaves curls hydrated and swoon-worthy.

"Luckily, there have been great advancements in products for curly hair," said Johnny Lavoy, the brand's consulting hairstylist. "From wavy to coily, L'Oreal Paris EverCurl Shampoo, conditioners and targeted range of treatments leave women with soft, manageable curls no matter their curl type."

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