Rihanna Chanel Twitter: Becomes Fashion Label's New Face? Visits Late Designer's Paris Apartment [PHOTOS]

Rihanna has jet setted to very impressive places on her Diamonds World Tour including Paris, where she recently visited the late Coco Chanel's flat and sparked rumors that she is the brand's new ambassador. 

For the white hot photos of Rihanna walking through the home, click HERE.  

The "Stay" singer is very fascinated with Chanel, having rocked their jewelry on a daily basis and been a staple at several of their fashion shows, according to Yahoo OMG! She has even brushed elbows and hobnobbed with Karl Lagerfeld many times.

Considering all this, and her cryptic tweet about shooting a secret ad campaign last January, the rumor mill is turning on its head. 

And a visit to Chanel's legendary Parisian apartment only ignites more speculation. The Barbados beauty told the story of wandering through the extravagent digs at 31 Rue Cambon via Instagram on Tuesday. The home looked pristine, as if Chanel were still alive to maintain its upkeep.

RiRi rested on the couch, sat on the sweeping staircase and even hung out with Laetitia Crahay, the brand's accessories designer.

With that kind of dedication to one brand, it is easy to make the jump that Rihanna could soon or already be a Chanel spokesperson. After all, she has silently been endorsing the brand for a long while now. 

But with a busy touring schedule, burgeoning River Island summer clothing line and still-fresh breakup from Chris Brown, it might be hard for her to find the time to work for Chanel.

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